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Park Lane, Reigate

Extension, Shower room & Alterations - Completed 2021

The brief was to demolish the existing conservatory to the back of the house, which was lacking adequate space for seating and natural daylight despite its westerly aspect. The client was also keen to mitigate views to the neighbouring first floor windows and enhance natural light into the library.

The existing conservatory footprint was squared off and pushed further into the garden. A pitched roof was designed to allow for a vaulted ceiling to open up the view to the sky and bring in more daylight. The lower eaves also helped to reduce views to the neighbours windows and a provide a focus to the garden. The roof generously overhangs the gable to reduce Summer sunlight overheating the extension and rain water marking the high level glazing.

A high performance solar glazed oriel window provides space for display or occasional seating and helps connect the side courtyard with the extension. Electrically operated frameless rooflights to the rear of the extension help to ventilate and bring daylight into the library and kitchen behind them. Aluminium cladding over the folding sliding doors serve to conceal the steel beam lintel as well as electrically operated blinds. The extension was insulated above Building Regulation requirements to improve comfort in this exposed part of the home.

Planning permission was granted in March 2019.